Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stash-busting April

Always a bit late to the party, i have just remembered that April is Stash Busting Month!

My craft stashes are certainly a big contributor to making my stuff levels too high.

There are various ways to get rid of your craft stash. Give it away! Schools, women's refuges, community groups, mental health support groups, friends who go to itch n stitch gatherings, and dozens more places like these would be really glad of your donation.

Another way to give it away is to donate the stash to a charity shop. This will partly depend on what the items are. Packs of craft stuff, at least mostly unused, and knitting needles and balls of wool, are the craft stash items i see the most in charity shops.

If the items of craftyness that need to go perhaps don't fit the bill for those, then freegle and freecycle type sites are perfect. Last year i had way too much gorgeous paper- handmade, printed, dyed, embroidered - and the time came to get rid of a good proportion of it, and i did that through freegle. I divided it between two women. One ran a craft group for people with mental health problems, the other's daughter was about to start her own business teaching card-making.

It worked out great for me because firstly they came to my house to pick it up, and secondly because i knew it would be appreciated and well-used.

So, there you have it. Loads of ideas on how to give away your craft stash this April!
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